Purchasing Service Credit Calculator

Follow These Easy Steps  
1 Select Your Plan
    Not sure what plan? Ask your employer or contact FPPA.
You may also log on to the Member Account Portal (MAP) and create your personal estimate from your membership data.
2 Select Dates  
      Projected date you will purchase service credit. green arrow
      Your date of birth.  mm/dd/yyyy
  3 Select Type Of Previous Service
  4 Select the Purchase Type
      How many months
do you want to purchase?
      Enter the dollar amount?
      Enter any previous months of service you may have within the FPPA Statewide Defined Benefit Plan (this may include time with your current employer while a participant in the SWDB Plan). height=
  5 Estimate the Highest Annual Base Salary on Purchase Date
example: 58000.00

      The salary used to calculate the cost of service credit is the highest rate of pay (base salary) for any calendar year in the plan.green arrow  
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