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Reopening policies and procedures

FPPA's offices reopen to in‑person visitors

Update 2/18/2022: This page has been edited to include a new return‑to‑office date

Reopening FPPA’s Corporate Office

During the COVID‑19 pandemic, continued service to our members and employers has remained FPPA’s highest priority. Now, after returning home during the omicron surge, FPPA’s staff returned to in‑office work once again. Additionally, staff have resumed in‑person meetings at FPPA’s offices, by appointment only. As our community continues to recover, FPPA has adjusted its pre‑pandemic policies and procedures for in‑person visits. Below you will find our updated policies along with FPPA’s new reopening timeline.

Please note that all in‑person work and visit policies are created and modified in consultation with local and state health agencies. As the COVID‑19 situation changes, these timelines and policies are subject to change without notice.

Timeline for reopening

As of Tuesday, February 22, our staff resumed a hybrid schedule of in‑person and remote work. In addition, FPPA members, employers and others are once again able to conduct in‑person meetings with our staff. Unscheduled in‑person meetings will be discouraged going forward; all in‑person meetings should be scheduled in advance. Telephone and video conference (virtual) meetings will remain available on demand or by appointment for the foreseeable future.

To schedule an in‑person or virtual meeting, please contact us using the contact information below.

Vaccinations and masking

Vaccinated FPPA employees are permitted to be in FPPA’s offices without masks, including during in‑person meetings. Mask‑less staff must provide documentation to Human Resources before being allowed in the office without a mask.

Likewise, visitors who have been vaccinated, and can provide documentation of their vaccine status, will be allowed to attend meetings in FPPA’s offices without a mask. Unvaccinated visitors, or those that are unable/unwilling to provide the appropriate documentation will be required to wear a mask inside FPPA’s offices for the safety of our staff, their families, and our visitors.

Scheduling an in‑person or virtual meeting

To schedule a meeting with FPPA, please use the general or department‑specific contact information below:

General Inquiries:

  • (303) 770‑3772 (FPPA) in the Denver Metro area
  • Toll‑free nationwide (800) 332‑3772 (FPPA)
  • questions@fppaco.org

Common Extensions:

  • Field Education & Employer Outreach Team: ext. 6450 or FieldEd@fppaco.org
    • Plans
    • Benefits
    • Scheduling an on‑site meeting
    • Affiliations
    • Member Account Portal (MAP)
    • 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

  • Member Retirement Team: ext. 6400 or generalbenefits@fppaco.org
    • Retirement application/processing
    • Entering DROP
    • Terminating Employment
    • Purchasing Service Credit
    • Taking a refund
    • Domestic Relations Orders (DROs)

  • Member Contributions Team: ext. 6500
    • Submitting contributions to FPPA
    • Enrolling a new member
    • Questions about FPPA Employer Portal

  • Retiree Payroll Team: ext. 6200
    • Direct Deposits
    • Tax Witholdings
    • Address changes for retirees receiving benefits
    • Form 1099R and PPA Statements
    • Retiree Deaths

  • Investments Inquiries: investmentsolicitations@fppaco.org


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