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Retiree Insurance Billing Credit for Dental Plan Participants

Notice of upcoming billing credits for eligible retiree dental insurance participants.

Questions? Contact the Retiree Payroll team.
(303) 770-3772 ext. 6200
in the Denver metro area or (800) 332-3772 toll free statewide

Delta Dental of Colorado recently announced that they will be providing billing credits for their covered members due to reduced claims activity for March and April. Dental claims were significantly lower as a result of mandated COVID-19 dental provider office closures during this timeframe.

Eligible members of FPPA's Delta Dental Insurance Plan (see details for other plans below) will receive a 50% premium credit for their Delta Dental March premium and a 50% premium credit for their April premium. These premiums were previously withheld from pension payments in February and March. As a reminder, FPPA withholds Delta Dental premiums on a prepaid basis, meaning that premiums deducted in the current month pay for next month’s coverage.

FPPA will be issuing these two 50% credits to retirees in the form of a “premium holiday” in July pension payments. For the month of July, FPPA will pause Delta Dental premium deductions for one month to allow this credit to be applied to participant accounts. FPPA will resume premium deductions with participants' August benefit payment. To participants, rest assured that your dental coverage will remain in full effect and you may continue to utilize dental services as usual.

If you have any questions regarding the Delta Dental credit, please contact the FPPA Payroll Department at (303) 770-3772 ext. 6200 or

Dental insurance billing credits for non-FPPA plans

Please note that the above notice applies only to members covered under FPPA’s Delta Dental Insurance plan, and not the retiree dental plans provided by other Employers. While those dental plans may be providing similar credits to those described above, they are doing so on a different schedule. Other plans providing billing credits include:

  • City of Denver: Similar to FPPA’s plan, the City of Denver will be providing a full premium credit via a “premium holiday” in the August pension payment for retirees participating in their Delta Dental of Colorado Plan. For questions regarding this credit or the City of Denver Plan, contact:
    Denver Safety Human Resources
    200 W. 14th Avenue, 3rd Floor
    Denver, CO 80204

  • City of Pueblo: The City of Pueblo will be providing a 50% premium credit in August for their Aetna Dental Plan. This too is a result of reduced claims in March and April due to COVID closures. For questions regarding this credit or the City of Pueblo Plan, contact:
    Bella Trujillo
    Assistant Director of Human Resources
    City of Pueblo
    301 W. B Street
    Pueblo, CO 81003




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