Reduce the need for paper mailings and notifications by providing us your email address.

Email addresses of our members will never be sold, shared or used for any purpose other than communication from FPPA.

  1. Give us a call. (303) 770-3772 in the Denver Metro area or (800) 332-3772 nationwide. 

  2. -OR - Email 
    Include the email you would like recorded with FPPA, your first and last name, your mailing address and only the last four digits of your social security number.

Going green is just one reason to share your email address with us. Once your email is on file with FPPA, you may also gain access to the FPPA Member Account Portal - MAP.

When registering with MAP it is important to use your name as it has been reported to your Employer.

MAP features During Your Career

  • View your profile, FPPA account balances and beneficiary designation. (Fidelity account balances and beneficiary designations should be accessed at
  • Generate retirement benefit estimates
  • Print member statements reflecting your contributions.
  • Estimate the cost of potential service credit purchase.

MAP features if Currently Receiving Benefits

  • View and print information about your monthly benefit payments.
  • View and print annual IRS 1099R statements.
  • Use the tax withholding calculator to estimate how changing your withholding will impact your monthly benefit payment amount.




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