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Statewide Hybrid Plan Forms

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There are two components under the Statewide Hybrid Plan:

Component 1: Defined Benefit AND Money Purchase,

Component 2: Money Purchase ONLY.

Component 1:

Defined Benefit AND Money Purchase


Name or Change Your Beneficiary

  • Defined Benefit
    Log in to MAP (Member Account Portal) to enter information directly
  • Money Purchase - Contact Fidelity Investments direct at (800) 343-0860 or Fidelity's website.

More information about naming beneficiaries.

Service Credit Purchase

Retirement Application

Request a Refund of Pension Contributions

FPPA has introduced a new feature allowing inactive members to apply online for a refund of their available contributions on the Member Account Portal (MAP). Learn more

Component 2:

Money Purchase ONLY


Request a Withdrawal


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