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Domestic Relations Orders for Local Defined Benefit Plan Members

Once you have completed the DRO for the division of pension benefits required by your pension board, mail the agreement to:

Fire & Pension Association of Colorado
Att: DRO Application
7979 East Tufts Avenue
Suite 900
Denver, CO 80237


Resources to assist you through the DRO process

  • FPPA Statewide Death & Disability Plan Brochure
  • Frequently Asked Questions: DROs

  • Governing document relating to DROs

  • Colorado State Statute (Refer to Title 14 - Domestic Matters, Article 10-113(6))

  • DRO Agreement & Order

    Once you have reviewed the publications above, contact your local plan pension board for more information and/or documents they may require to complete a DRO.



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