Benefit Plans

The best way to always know for certain the FPPA Plan you are in is to register and log in to the Member Account Portal (MAP) above.

Once there you'll learn about the many features of MAP throughout your career.


Beyond Your Retirement - Take control of your retirement planning with this brief handout about; saving, health care, naming and updating your beneficiaries, Social Security implications, and much more.

Defined Benefit Tier

SWDB - Statewide Defined Benefit Plan

SWDB-SS - Statewide Defined Benefit Plan for Members of Affiliated Social Security Employers

Colorado Springs New Hire Pension Plan

Hybrid Tier

SWH - Statewide Hybrid Plan

  • Defined Benefit Component & Money Purchase Component
  • Money Purchase Only Component

Defined Contribution

SWMP - Statewide Money Purchase Plan

Fidelity Investment Information and Forms

Death & Disability

SWD&D - Statewide Death & Disability Plan

At A Glance - Handout

Brochure and Forms

SWDD-SS - Statewide Death & Disability Plan for Members of Affiliated Social Security Employers

Brochure and Forms

457 Deferred Compensation Plan

Save for Retirement Your Way - Handout

Fidelity Investment Information and Forms

Local Affiliated Plans

Old Hire Plans

Volunteer Firefighter Plans





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