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The Fire & Police Pension Association administers retirement and death & disability plans for firefighters, police officers, and other first responders throughout the state of Colorado.

FPPA also administers local defined benefit pension funds for certain police and fire departments, and for some volunteer fire defined benefit plans. In addition, police and sheriff departments who participate in Social Security have the option of affiliating for supplemental coverage through the Statewide Retirement Plan and Statewide Death & Disability Plan.

Plan Information

The Fire & Police Pension Association of Colorado (FPPA) collects, invests, administers and disburses monies on behalf of Colorado firefighters, police officers, and other first responders for:

  • FPPA Defined Benefit System, consisting of:
    • The Statewide Retirement Plan (SRP), including the following Components:
      • Defined Benefit Component
      • Hybrid Defined Benefit Component
      • Money Purchase Component
      • Social Security Component
    • The Colorado Springs New Hire Pension Plan (CSNHPP), consisting of two components, the Fire Component and the Police Component, which covers Colorado Springs firefighters and police officers hired prior to October 1, 2006
  • The Statewide Death & Disability Plan (SWDD)
  • The Statewide Money Purchase Plan (SWMP)

Chart of FPPA plans

Affiliated plans of the Fire & Police Members' Benefit Investment Fund include:

  • Local defined benefit pension plans for firefighter and police employees in the State of Colorado hired before April 8, 1978 (old hires) whose Employers have chosen to affiliate with FPPA;
  • Volunteer firefighter defined benefit pension plans in the State of Colorado who have chosen to affiliate with FPPA.

Each of the pension plans mentioned above has its assets pooled for investment purposes. All transactions that are specific to each plan (contributions, retirement benefit payments, refunds, etc.) are accounted for by plan. The old hire and volunteer plans that have chosen to affiliate with FPPA for investment and administrative purposes are still governed by their local plan document and local pension board, and each has a separate actuarial valuation done every two years. Only the Statewide Retirement Plan, the Colorado Springs New Hire Pension Plan, the Statewide Money Purchase Plan, and the Statewide Death & Disability Plan are governed by the FPPA Board of Directors.

FPPA partners with Fidelity Investments to cover the Statewide Money Purchase Plan, 457 Deferred Compensation Plan, Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP), and the Money Purchase Component of the Statewide Retirement Plan.




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