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UnitedHealthCare (UHC) Insurance Offered Through AARP Heath Care Options

CURRENT UHC Policyholders

If you currently enrolled in an AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan and/or an AARP MedicareRx Plan, the following steps must be completed in order for your insurance premiums to be paid by FPPA. This provision is also extended to Medicare eligible household members of an FPPA retiree.

Step #1 Download the following form Authorization for Premium Deductions.

Step #2 Complete, sign and return the form to FPPA.

• Once your authorization form is received by FPPA, we will arrange with UnitedHealthCare for direct payment of your premium through withholding from your monthly pension benefit. FPPA will send you a confirmation letter stating the effective date of your premium withholding. You should continue your current method of payment until the date noted in the confirmation letter.

• Please rely on your confirmation letter from FPPA to alert you as to when the first withholding will be made from your pension check



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