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Notice of updates to the FPPA Employer Portal

Upcoming portal changes include a new login page and ease-of-use improvements

This notice is to inform FPPA employers of a number of enhancements to the FPPA Employer Portal that will soon go into effect. These updates are scheduled to go into effect on or around Saturday, July 18. The major changes are detailed below, with the most important being a request to update any bookmarks you might have saved to the current Employer Portal.
Here's what to expect:

New web address

Once the changes take effect, the Employer Portal will have a new address and all current links will no longer work. We will send a follow-up email once the updates are complete, after which you will be able to access the Employer Portal login page using the button on our homepage shown below.
Please remember to update any bookmarks or favorites accordingly.
FPPA homepage, with Employer Portal button circled

New login screen look

New Employer Portal login screen
When visiting the Employer Portal, the login screen will have a new look. However, your existing login credentials will still work as they did before.

New menu bar and "breadcrumb" links

New Employer Portal menu bar
New Employer Portal breadcrumbs
These enhancements will allow you to easily move around the portal. The breadcrumbs make it more convenient to return to prior pages.

Refresh your screen

Chrome screen refresh button
The new Employer Portal will be faster because forms can be cached. However, you may notice older versions of information loads first. Use your browser Refresh button to force updates. In Chrome, the location of this button is shown above. 

Questions regarding this release?

If you have questions regarding these upcoming changes to the Employer Portal, please contact your FPPA employer representative, or using the information on our Contact Us page.




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