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Understanding Your 1099-R Form

2020 1099-R form with boxes highlighted

1099-R Forms for 2020 were mailed in January 2021

Your 1099-R Form includes:

  • the total gross distribution,
  • the total taxable amount,
  • and the total tax withheld,

of your FPPA retirement benefit income.

Before Your Form Arrives
You may view a "data only" version of your 1099-R information on the Member Account Portal (MAP). The "data only" version is NOT a copy you can use for IRS tax filing purposes. It is only a snap-shot of the data you will see on the actual 1099-R Form we will mail to you.

If you have not registered for MAP, creating an account takes just minutes. To get started, review and/or download these easy to follow instructions.

The 1099-R Form above is a sample of what will be mailed to you reporting your FPPA retirement benefit income to the IRS. Please allow two weeks from the mailing date above, January 31, 2021, before contacting FPPA to request a reprint.

When your form arrives you will need to use it to complete your income tax return. We have provided colored boxes above to match the short summaries below. Complete information about each box may be found on the back of the form when it arrives in the mail.

Please also note, as stated elsewhere on this page, that all necessary 1099-R form information can be downloaded on the Member Account Portal (MAP), if used for filing taxes electronically.

Highlighted box 1 Gross distribution - The total amount paid to you by FPPA for the calendar year.

Highlighted box 2a Taxable amount - The portion of your total benefit received during the calendar year that should be considered taxable income.

Highlighted box 4 Federal income tax withheld - The total amount of federal income tax withheld during the calendar year. This box may or may not have a value depending on your withholding election.

Highlighted box 5 Employee contributions/designated Roth contributions - Difference between Box 1 and Box 2a – the portion of monies excluded from taxable amount – only applies to after-tax funds.

Highlighted box 7 Distribution code(s) - This code identifies the type of benefit being paid (see the back of the 1099-R Form when it arrives in the mail).

Highlighted box 14 State tax withheld - The total amount of Colorado income tax withheld during the calendar year - if applicable.

Highlighted box 15 State/Payer’s state no. - Colorado State Number - if applicable.

Need Additional Assistance?

Tax Questions? Contact your Tax Advisor.

IRS Questions? Call 800-829-1040 or view the 1099-R webpage at IRS.gov.

Need a Replacement Copy? Contact an FPPA Retiree Payroll Representative.

FPPA Retiree Payroll Representative
Phone: 303-770-3772 in the Denver Metro area or 800-332-3772 toll free nationwide
Phone Ext. 6200
Email: retireepayroll@fppaco.org




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