FPPA Verification of Eligibility (VOE)

For FPPA members currently receiving disability or survivor benefits.

The FPPA Verification of Eligibility (VOE) is an annual audit to ensure your continuing eligibility.

Gathering and reviewing your VOE information is a perfect time to register for the FPPA Member Account Portal (MAP).

MAP provides FPPA Members 24/7 access to their pension benefit information online in a safe and secure environment. Once registered on MAP you will have access to:

My Profile
  • View and update phone numbers and email addresses
  • View and update communication preferences for Optional and Required correspondence
  • View beneficiary designation
  • View and update contact information
Retirement Accounts
  • View account details
  • Change mailing option for monthly benefit deposit advices 
  • View and print payment details
Tax Information
  • View and print annual IRS 1099-R details
  • View and print Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA) statements
  • View and estimate tax witholdings


The annual VOE audit begins in July.

Important dates and information:

  • July 12, 2017 - The 2017 VOE packets will be mailed.
  • July 20, 2017 - If you haven’t received a packet by this date, please contact us.
  • October 31, 2017 - deadline to submit all required documentation.

  • Your signature on the affidavit will need to be notarized.
  • If your mailing address has changed, please update your contact information.
    • Click here to be directed to MAP to update your address.
    • Click here to download the Change of Address Form.
  • Questions? Call the dedicated VOE voicemail at (303) 770-3772, extension 5300

Commonly asked questions regarding the FPPA VOE audit:

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Yes. Even if no information has changed, the VOE affidavit will need to be completed with your signature notarized and submitted with a copy of your 2016 Federal Tax Return and all W2s and 1099s.

Yes, an exact copy is required. If you filed an extension, a copy of the official extension paperwork is required. If you filed an extension and are submitting your 2016 Federal Tax Return on or before the IRS deadline in October 2016, you are still required to submit an exact copy of your 2016 Federal Tax Return to FPPA. It must be submitted no later than the VOE deadline.

Yes. All questions should be answered completely and accurately.

Please insert Not Applicable (NA) in that field. An FPPA employee may contact you by phone or in writing to verify or expand on your information. You will not be considered in compliance until FPPA receives all information being requested.

FPPA is only asking the marital status questions for dependent children who are between the ages of 17 and 23. If you have dependents under the age of 17, you will not see them listed on your affidavit. Once these dependents reach age 17, you will begin receiving an affidavit that will include them.

Yes, FPPA has legal authority to request tax documents in order to help make this eligibility determination. In addition, if a disability retiree has filed a joint tax return, we are legally able to request the W-2s and 1099s from the disability retiree’s spouse. This is necessary to verify that all of the income listed on the Federal Tax Return is accounted for and that there is no unaccounted income that could possibly be tied to a member’s employment not disclosed to FPPA.

The IRS Form 4506/4506-T may be used to determine if a member has filed a tax return and if the return filed with FPPA matches the information filed with the IRS. FPPA will pay the $50 filing fee if the 4506 or 4506-T must be submitted.